about me

BentleyBentleyI am more than my resume…

During my professional career, I:

  • Led the strategy and development of hundreds of pieces of content to support brand messaging including analyst whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, blog posts, infographics, research papers and videos with internal teams and external agencies
  • Led the planning and execution (with partner agencies) of 50×100 booths in several major IBM conferences including staffing, giveaways, messaging, sponsorships and in-booth activities which garnered high praise from executives across the company
  • Managed the social channels for a software division of tech giant IBM for 1.5 years until my marketing talents proved more valuable in a content strategy position
  • Taught over 800 IBMers how to use social media and write blogs to help amplify information about IBM products. I was also invited to train sales professionals live at one of IBM’s annual sales academies
  • Became the voice of an international agribusiness on Twitter and grew their following by 225% in 12 months
  • Launched a Pinterest page with 600+ pins for an international agribusiness in less than 30 days
  • Two of the campaigns I developed & managed for a previous client have won PR News Social Media Icon awards (one social good campaign and their corporate blog)
  • Managed the launch of an investor relations website and thought leadership hub from start to finish on a tight deadline
  • Identified guest bloggers based on social media engagement which resulted in fantastic reach and PR
  • Developed integrated marketing campaigns to improve social integration with client tradeshows and conferences
  • Developed credit integration recommendations and promotions for retail partners of an international  financial institution
  • Coordinated content calendars for social media with multiple agencies and client contacts for 500+ tweets/month
  • Developed scripts and managed creative for several infographics and animation pieces
  • Managed strategy, deployment and analytics for email marketing to about 7MM consumers per week for major publisher
  • Coordinated re-launch of eCommerce site for publisher and managed merchandising, email marketing and inventory
  • Gained experience navigating the complex Facebook API and developed countless custom tabs
  • Provided marketing consultation to restaurants, business networking organizations and small businesses
  • Brought my talents to marketing agencies and corporations in Georgia and New York

In college, I:

  • Maintained a full-time job in addition to a full course load during my Junior and Senior years
  • Graduated with a 3.4 GPA
  • Got my first child, a Chocolate Lab named Bentley
  • Created and marketed the catering program to the community for Harper’s Restaurant
  • Organized Kid’s Day Columbia 2006
  • Freelanced my marketing savvy to a pharmaceutical sales company in GA

In High School, I:

  • Won an award for excellence in creative writing                                                                                     passport
  • Rowed crew on the Hudson River, played softball and volleyball
  • Studied abroad in Scotland
  • Traveled to India, Taiwan, Spain, Portugal, and Aruba
  • Participated in a fantastic communications career exploration program (hence all the internships in 2000 and 2001)
  • Took Advanced Placement courses: Spanish, U.S. Government, Economics, and English
  •  Published original content in the New Paltz Herald and Banner of Youth

10 Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I work well under pressure and enjoy managing multiple clients and deadlines at one time.
  2. Nothing feels better than seeing a campaign go from a concept to fruition and positive results.
  3. There’s nothing I can’t troubleshoot and I’m a walking contingency plan.
  4. Every single one of my clients, past and present, would hire me.
  5. I’m an excellent mentor to coworkers and a trusted advisor to clients.
  6. I love to cook and bake.  My coworkers have enjoyed many baked goods over the years.
  7. I am a night owl. Most of my best ideas and work occur after dinner.
  8. Public speaking scares me but I’m working on it!
  9. I am always in a good mood.  My glass is always half full.
  10. I work hard, get along well with everyone, am always happy to help people, and will work as long as necessary to get things done on time.

lake sunset rowing crewBentley


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